About Lucy Chen
Bachelor's degree in English and Master's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language.
About Me:
My name is Lucy. I majored in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and I got my Master’s degree of Linguistics in Anhui University.

I am an easy-going person and have great passion on language education, regardless of English or Chinese. I always get interested in different cultures. For me, teaching Chinese and discussing Chinese culture with my students could be an enjoyment. Now I have been teaching Chinese for about 2 years, and I have students of various Mandarin backgrounds, from beginning level to advanced level. Seeing my students make progress little by little everyday makes me get a sense of achievement.

A language is a key to a culture. If you are ready to start your journey of learning Chinese, please come and join us. Practise makes perfect! See you in New Concept Mandarin!
"Lucy is a fabulous teacher. She has great attention to detail and reviews not only the lesson but will review and spend time on daily Chinese life questions you may have. Chinese is a difficult language but Lucy is ver patient and will review something as many times as you need. I am truly lucky to have Lucy as a teacher."
"Lucy is a conscientious and hard-working teacher. Her intonation is clear and pleasant. She has the ability to adapt to my way of learning and she is very patient. She is enthusiastic and helps me to enjoy learning Mandarin."