About Lucy Fan
BA in teaching Chinese as a foreign language
About Me:
My name is Lucy. I majored in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The reason why I want to be a language teacher is that I love language study, and also want to help more people understand its beauty, as well as the culture behind it. Now I have been teaching Mandarin for 2 years. In my class I focus on daily conversation and create a task-based environment for students. For me, language is not only a combination of word meanings and grammar structures, but also a bridge for intercultural communication. So, if you are interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture, please follow me and join New Concept Mandarin to start an amazing journey!
"I really want to express gratitude to my dear teacher Lucy. When I could not properly speak – she took a glimpse at my native language pronunciation and showed me how to morph it in Chinese, when I struggle with grammar – she prepares explanation materials exactly for me."
"Thanks to Lucy, who encouraged and motivated me to keep practicing, slowly but steadily my pronunciation started to improve. Thanks to Lucy for pointing my journey of learning Chinese to the right direction."