About Ling Sun
Bacholer's degree in Business Administration.
About Me:
I'm from Shanghai and I live in the beautiful countryside in New South Wales, Australia. Before moving to Australia, I’ve worked at New Concept Mandarin Suzhou Centre for two years and now I’ve been teaching Mandarin online at NCM for over 6 years. If you want to learn Mandarin to enhance your academic performance such as HSK, GCSE exams or if you want to learn business Mandarin to explore your career prospect, or if you simply just want to learn a new language for the joy of learning itself, I welcome and look forward very much to meeting you in my classroom one day.
"I have been learning Chinese with New Concept Mandarin. I have been enjoying it a great deal. I am very pleased."
"Teacher Ling was a very good teacher and the lessons were attractive and respectful to my level. I found the lessons more suitable to me."