About Alice Ni
Graduated from nanjing university of science and technology. Level 5 Diploma of university Bordeaux Montaigne.
About Me:
Ni hao !
My name is Alice, I come from Nanjing. I currently live in France. I have been working with NCM for 8 years. The first two years, I worked in the city of Suzhou, then I switched to remote teaching from France.
Through those years, I taught Mandarin, from complete beginners to already fluent students . I can adapt to your needs, from learning basics to manage daily life to preparing the exams. You might be interested to focus on business language elements and further your career prospects, or you might want to simply open the door to another culture... I can help you, like I did it for my former students !
I will be patient and dedicated. My own experience made me very aware of the difficulties of learning a completely foreign language.My classes are relaxed, no pressure, I will follow your pace. I worked with children, and people of a certain age,you should really not worry, try, I will help you.
Looking forward to meet you in my virtual classroom, bye ! Zai jian !
"I like my teacher and I enjoy learning Chinese in New Concept Mandarin!"
"I have really enjoyed the New Concept Mandarin classes. The classes are paced to fit my schedule, and I never feel overly pressured."