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Learn Chinese online using our video resources and tools to quickly improve your Chinese. This service is for learners of Chinese who are limited to take face-to-face classes from New Concept Mandarin.

Start by taking our Trial Class to have a feel of how you are going to learn with our Mandarin tutor. Then decide which plan is suitable for you.

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Professional Tutors

  • Experienced teachers
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  • Language majors

Structured Courses

  • Coursebooks based on needs
  • Personalised learning contents
  • Measurable learning goals

What our students say

"Studying online helped me to acquire a solid knowledge of the Chinese language in a few months only. I could have not wished for a better teacher and language learning concept."
I have been taking online Mandarin courses with this institute for two years. Their teaching methods are very effective.
Teacher Julia in the online videos is awesome. Her way of explanation is simple which makes it easy to grasp the information without you even notice.

How our students learn online

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Online Private One-to-one Chinese Course Fees

10 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan A
USD 300
Duration: 6 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
50 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan B
USD 1250
Duration: 18 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
100 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan C
USD 2250
Duration: 26 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
200 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan D
USD 3825
Duration: 52 weeks
30 minutes per lesson

Please note that the above pricing is for general Mandarin courses. If you need Mandarin lessons for specific purposes (including IB Chinese, Cantonese lesson), please contact us for a quotation for your learning plans.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay online payment. If you do not have a credit card and prefer to transfer the fees in USD, HKD and RMB, please contact us.